Live Q&A: Troubleshooting with the Open Cup

Start Time

6:00 pm

April 21, 2021

Finish Time

7:00 pm

April 21, 2021



Did you know that drinking from an open cup (held by an adult) is a 6-month milestone for baby? With practice, your baby will slowly hold on to the cup, have good lip closure on the rim, tilt the liquid gently, and learn to spill less. If you start at 6 months, you will have an additional 6 months of cup-drinking repetition before baby transitions off a bottle at 12 months.

BUT…I know what you’re thinking:
▪ “Oops, I didn’t start at 6 months.”
▪ “But my kid spills everywhere.”
▪ “She keeps playing in the cup.”
▪ “😭 Breast. Milk. On. The. Floor.😭”

In this Live, I will be giving you my solutions to the top concerns about open cup drinking. Together we can “Skip the Sippy,” develop a strong swallow, decrease tooth decay, aid with teething, and help with speech sounds, all with an OPEN CUP!

Let me know where you are at with your open cup drinking journey and if you’re having problems. As always, be sure to list any other questions you have here.

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