Grab Your Granny- Caregiver’s Guide to BLW 1

Start Time

7:30 pm

March 30, 2021

Finish Time

8:00 pm

March 30, 2021

Are you tired 😩 of explaining to your extended family WHY you’re NOT spoon-feeding your 👶 baby but instead taking a baby-led approach that focuses on safety and development?

Are you looking for a way to get all your baby’s feeders onboard with your mealtime decisions?

Well, grab your 👵 Granny (or any feeder in your child’s life) and a glass of wine 🍷 for my Caregiver’s Guide to BLW!

This is the FIRST ☝ webinar in our “Grab Your Granny” 👵 series. In this presentation, I’ll be teaching your baby’s caregiver:

▪ WHY traditional spoon-feeding 🥄 can actually increase baby’s risk of choking
▪ HOW to choose and use a baby-led spoon 🥄
▪ HOW self-feeding 🤏 skills lead to other critical developmental milestones
▪ WHEN to expect spoon-feeding 🥄 milestones (it’s sooner than they think!) and…
▪ WHY you should encourage your baby’s feeders 👵👴 to feel comfortable enough to support you + your baby’s journey with solid foods

If you’re worried your baby will lose their self-feeding skills because they’re switching between the different feeding methods (depending on who feeds them), then you need to attend my Caregiver’s Guide to BLW series! And if your babysitter/ caregiver/ family member isn’t comfortable with baby-led weaning, then you need to bring them along!

Watch it HERE on Ms. Dawn’s Facebook event page!