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Ms. Dawn has been treating feeding and swallowing disorders for over 20 years.  During that time, she’s become a celebrated speaker among parent groups all over the world. Ms. Dawn has also designed her own products for ezpz. Her latest products (Tiny Cup & Tiny Spoon) have been revolutionizing the baby space and there are more products being developed.

As an influencer, people ask what Ms. Dawn’s favorite products are. Through her therapy and product design experience, she gives expert product reviews that include tips for parents and professionals to have the most success. Additionally, these partnered products are highlighted on her Amazon Live streams, online courses, social media, newsletter, and Amazon Store. She also often mentions them in her speaking engagements in front of live audiences. It’s an exclusive group of products because Ms. Dawn only works with brands whose products she trusts to be safe and developmentally appropriate.

Whether your brand is just starting out or already well established – Ms. Dawn is the medical and educational influencer you want to work with! If you’re interested, we would love to talk to you about partnering this year!

Frequently Asked Questions

From Partners

Yes! Ms. Dawn offers different tiered partnerships to make partnership affordable! Reach out to us by emailing assistant@msdawnslp.com.
Absolutely! Check-out a few testimonials (below) from some of our current brand partners! Feel free to email them directly!


What partners say about Ms Dawn!

Kelley Legler (Founder, Baby Jack and Co.)

"Dawn continues to be our primary expert influencer sharing her knowledge of the baby and toy industry as a children's medical expert. She gains experience with our products while interacting with her clients and has valuable insight about how it can bring developmental growth to kids of all ages. We enjoy having her as a brand expert, increasing sales and building buzz about the benefits of our sensory product, marketing from angles we never thought of." - Kelley Legler (Founder, Baby Jack and Co.)

Jessica Jeneske (Founder, Lolliewrap)

"We got incredible engagement for our brand while working with Ms. Dawn! She took care to understand our product and applied her knowledge as a Speech Language Pathologist to make it even more useful for parents. I will partner with her again!" - Jessica Jeneske (Founder, Lolliewrap)

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